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In order to improve out content, we’re looking for additional authors who are interested in writing for us. We want to build a strong team, with a distinct knowledge and interest in sharing this knowledge.

If you want to be part of Softerize Magazine, please contact us.


Currently our public comes mainly from Brazil, so we’re only paying authors from Brazil. Articles in English won’t be payed.


Our main goal is ensuring high quality articles. For this reason, every article submitted will be reviewed before being accepted. Here are some requirements we will be looking in authors and articles:

  • Articles must be original and exclusive – we’ll not publish articles that have already been published in other websites, even if in another language.
  • Articles must use the correct form of English or Portuguese, following current language rules.
  • Articles must have plenty o content. There isn’t a specific requirement, but articles must be detailed and use different resources like source codes, images, references, etc.
  • The author must have experience with the chosen topic, being able to answer comments and questions.

Do you Want to Participate?

Visit our contact page and answer the following questions:

  • In which software development areas you have more experience
  • Have you written for any blog os website before? Which one?
  • With which frequency would you like to write?

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