Softerize Magazine Launch

Softerize Magazine Launch

Today we are launching a new website called Softerize Magazine. The site is an online magazine with information for software developers. We will assemble a team of authors from all parts of Brazil, with knowledge in various areas and technologies.

The Softerize Magazine was inspired by the great website Nettuts+. We want to provide quality information, with articles, tutorials and tips on various topics and technologies. We’ll start with tutorials about PHP development (Laravel, CodeIgniter and WordPress), but we want to extend these tutorials for other technologies such as .Net, Java, ABAP, etc. We will also publish articles related to software analysis and project management.

If you have experience and knowledge, and have the urge to write, contact us. We intend to pay our authors, publishing your articles sporadically or regularly, depending on the availability of each author. The value of the remuneration shall be defined according to the interest of the community.

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